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Okay, I've decided to share my role and get a Contributor :iconyahplz:.  Anyways, if you want to be a contributor, here are the things you'll have to do:

1.  Be watching this group (you know, like the button in the top right corner?)
2.  Invite 15+ people (I get the note on it) every single day you read this till the deadline.
3.  Submit 15+ drawings that isn't your own (I get the note on that too) every single day you read this till the deadline.
4.  Tell me you're doing this.

If you get the job, then you must at least do the bottom two rules 5 times a day and if we ever have contest you must contribute a prize, or I'm going to demote you back to members.  It's that simple.  I will allow 3 people into Contributors right now, but I don't know whether or not I will have to pick the person who invites and submits the most stuff.  I sure do hope I do. :iconnodplz:

Anyways being a Contributor means:

1.  You can make new folders in the Gallery and Favorites.
2.  You can view the "Manage Members" section (so if you make new folders and such you can tell me change it in the manage members section).
3.  You get the status of Contributor.
4.  You became a bit more boss. :iconheckyeahplz:

:star:ENDING ON 12/12/12!! see what I did there? well it's not the first time I did it though

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