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:star: As February try to take the time to donate somewhere, money, clothes, old toys, canned foods, anything that can help the homeless people in your country... if you can afford it yourself (considering you have a computer or smartphone reading this you can't be that bad off, right?).  ^^

:bulletred:Jan:  Opening Year  We will open up the Feature folder so it is no longer limited and anyone can submit as many deviations in that folder as you want.

:bulletred:Feb:  Filling Empty Hearts  We will give the name of the folder in our group that has the least deviations and tell everyone to try to fill it.  Instead of showing love for someone you know, show it to someone you don't.  Donate to anywhere near you, or any online donation boxes you know.

:bulletblue:Mar:  Brag Raffle  The brag raffle has been changed to a 4 times a year thing.  It's less fair, but it'll be more fun this way.  ^^

:bulletred:Apr:  Fool's Gold  Submit art from your Scrapbooks!  No one will judge you and hey, maybe someone will like it too.

:bulletyellow:May:  Peace to All  Some people are having Exams in this time so all you guys should be studying, cause the truth is that your studies ARE important too.

:bulletblue:Jun:  Brag Raffle

:bulletred:Jul:  Summer Llamas
 Spread the happiness and give llama badges to everyone!  (They're free!)

:bulletred:Aug:  Party Songs  Make a deviation based off a song you have heard.

:bulletblue:Sep:  Brag Raffle

:bulletred:Oct:  Creepy Contest
 A contest every single time this year.  Not saying there may not be any anytime else but there will always be one at this time (and not always on Halloween or Autumn or anything).

:bulletred:Tasty Turky  Draw stuff about food!  Anything would be pretty nice!  ^^

:bulletyellow:Brag Raffle/ Gift Requests  Other then the Brag Raffle, we would like everyone to take free requests from people and take the time to give.  Have a nice end of the year.

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