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I have challenged myself to do something strange. I wanted to write more with a little more challenge and last week I had an idea of '232 words to say I love you'. I've now written that with exactly 232 words between two best friends who want to go out with each other.

So it's possible to write something using only 232 words.
I didn't think it would be, but now I've proved it to myself, I'm going to challenge myself to do 4 more by the 6th January (totalling 5).

But, I need some ideas for topics:

1. To say I love you… – 19/12/12
2. Fill me
3. Fill me
4. Fill me
5. Fill me

So if you have any ideas, please suggest them in the comments or note me. Anyone who contributes an idea that is used will earn themselves a llama badge!


Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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