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I swear... not really but seriously (=_= what the crap I don't even...).

Okay, so anyways, the Collection folder, as said before, is a collection of things you are proud of.  Not an art dump place.  That is where you put drawings and All dat other stuff if you're too lazy to put in the right folder.  

Contributors, if you have time, please try to sort out the folder because it's really bothering me yet I don't have all that much time going through and putting all the art in the right place.

Art that should be in there:  Mijumaru Collection by sakura-koneko  Final Fantasy collection by VG-fan  .: Dunkins Collection :. by BeachBumDunkin  Dice Collection by No-Teeth-Required

Things NOT supposed to be there:  Christmas Deer by YukiraNine  Aauyn's Request by YukiraNine  And this is Art. by kheleksul  Rise of Guardians, Tooth Fairy FACE-ART by Ashitaro  AKATSUKI COMIC ++THANKS 200K+ by MSkyDragons

SO hopefully now people will begin to understand.

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