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A message from the Founder:

I am in a desperate need for points for the Brag Raffle in March (its a long way off but I need to also consider all the Brag Raffles next year, which means I need a total of 120 points for this year).  

You are free to donate points to me, but if you like any of my adopts, you can buy them for the points listed in their descriptions.

Holaryuu Adoptable by YukiraNine  20:points:
Painted Adopts- 4 POINTS EACH by YukiraNine  4:points: each; 15:points: though altogether
Huorio and Haenan Auction Adopts by YukiraNine  Auction:  Starting at 15:points:
Porkball Nursery:  Adoptables by YukiraNine (Only the white one is left... so lonely)
Freisneon by YukiraNine  2:points: to use, but still mine.
:star:  Or you can ask for a request of my drawings... if I have the time for it... =3=

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