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Hi everyone. I've been browsing deviant art for as long as I remember having internet access from the time of 28k toot toot toooooot modems. I've never had the courage to sing up for an account much less submit any art because I had no confidence. However I realized that without taking the first step, I will never have a change to learn anything. I've submitted some of the pictures that I have taken over the past few days and it's certainly sweet when I see people taking that few precious moments to view them. Furthermore, I'm at least a little more confident knowing that some people have taken a liking to my work. However, I need constructive critique so that I can improve. I would like to know what you like about the picture, what can be improved on, what other technique I could have experimented with. It can be on anything, the feel, the colors, the mood, the framing, the post processing and so on.

Thank you all in advance.

~ fatedquest

ps: Don't be mean ;)

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