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Then I'm your right person to choose! :iconkaminaonionplz: I know that maybe many of you won't read this, but for those who do, I would really apreciatte it if you could check out my gallery. You see, I'm dreaming for one day I can be so famous on dA that I can get a real job for it, that's what I want, to be a real artist and do what I want :love:
I like to draw both traditionally and digitally, you'll see that in my gallery I've got cosplays, photos, random drawings, Anime (Bleach) portraits and drawings, even a Dounjinshi (manga). Also I've got a lot of MH stuff, canon and my own OC's. But which I think people most like is the Disney stuff in my gallery :)
Plz,plzz, you won'r regret it! :icononiononionplz:
Thanks a lot!!!

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