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Many Journals on this page talks about wanting more views and such things.   So I decided to make a journal on cheap/sneaky/clever/etc. ways to gain more views on dA because I realized these things over time.  I personally prefer you guys not to read this if you don't care about such things as favs, views, and such things.

Beforehand, for people new on dA, art usually gets seen the most on the first few days.  Less people will look at them over time, that's normal.

1.  The most obvious, submit them into groups.  The more groups mean the higher the chance someone may get a glimpse of it.  But, submit only a few (3 or 4) at a time into a folder, and slowly put your art in, that way you can get a higher chance at views.

2.  Draw fan art.  Fan art usually gets seen more than OCs and things like that.  People will search up things like "Death Note" or "Slenderman" or "Nigahiga" or "Cute Cats" instead of "My OC" and "Random Doodling".

3.  "Cute" things tend to be favorited more than "Bishis"(pretty or beautiful).

4.  Favorite peoples drawings  I don't follow this one, but people who favorite a lot, sometimes get the people who they favorited to go on their page and say "Thanks for the favorite!" on their page.  And if they are nice enough, they will also look at some of your art.
Now that thats over, I hope you guys avoid thinking about your own art getting a ton of views and favorites because they really don't matter in my opinion.  Though its always nice to have views and favorites because they boost moral of people.

:star:  EDIT:  If you have any more suggestions, you can put them in the comments.

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