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Hello everybody!
first, sorry for fill your mail box >.<
well, I've been receiving (and reading) a lot of journals from this group, and people here seems to be very nice, so I decided to take the chance to say some thinks;
My other account :iconblue-milk95: has started a donation pool to upgrade my group :iconlovebrownhair:,and I'll be very  grateful if anyone could donate, also I'll give in return:

:bulletorange:for 10-15:points: :5 faves(from this account)
:bulletorange:for 16-25:points: :5 faves(from this account) and 5 faves(from :iconblue-milk95:)
:bulletorange:for 25-50:points: :5 faves(from this account), 5 faves(from :iconblue-milk95:) and a watch from this account

:bulletorange:for 51+:points: :a watch from both accounts

I'm also taking point comissions, so just note me!^^
thanks everyone for read!:hug:

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