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Hello!~ okay, so I did this a while ago and it was a success, it helped out a few people and a lot of you turned out to be awesome friends, so I thought I'd give it another go!

What is IT, you ask??

Well, it's giving something for something else, like if you give me a fave, I give you one back, a watch for a watch, a comment for a comment, that sort of thing! Want more recognition for your work? Then let's help each other out!

If you want to take part in my 'a ___ for a ___', then either...
:bulletpink: leave a comment on here of what you're giving so I can give you back! Or...
:bulletblue: note me of what you've given!

:iconthankyousignplz: so much if you participate! See you x

EDIT PLZ READ: ** I understand that a few people might not like this concept but please try and be open minded that it is helping a few people in different ways! I'm very sorry if I offended anyone and made them think that it was all about numbers because it couldn't be further from the truth :( I really just wanted to help out! ...
Right, rant over! Oh, I fixed the icons at the top. They should work now!
P.S thanks to everyone for... Well, all your support and being up for this! It means a lot that some people have shown an interest! Thank you... Again!

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