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Our group has been invited for this event by :icondahub:

Here's the info from my note (all things in parantheses are my own notes in the next part):
We are excited to announce a new contest with dAhub!  Not only can you win a one year premium membership, but we can get a one year group subscription too!  Joining this contest is really easy, check it out:…

All you have to do is upload a new deviation that depicts what our group is about.  You must include a link to this journal in your submission, otherwise your work won't be accepted.  Once you have your work uploaded, submit it to dAhubPLUS here:… before March 15th

Everyone else should watch (ha, no I don't think you HAVE to do this...) :icondahub: and then vote for our group's entries during the voting period in March!
Anyways, go check it out!  But know that until February 15th, our groups main priority on contests will still be Valentine's Contest so until after we say you can, you can start submitting those art in the contest folder.  Thnk you for your time!   ^^

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