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Submitted on
December 12, 2012


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All my life I have been a science junkie. From about grade 3 on I have been a science wizard (not to toot my own horn) but I just get science. All my life I have also struggled with depression and anxiety as well as an eating disorder (bulimia) since age 10. This sparked my interest in the biology of the brain, especially in abnormal cases. I've taken many science classes and excelled in them, but always struggled with my mental health. The only thing that has gotten me through is artwork. I love 2d media- acrylics, photography- macro and landscape, and lampwork glass. My passion has become the only thing I can do, as my depression has gotten worse. The best part is, Art is a challenge for me and I love it.
So, I'm thinking of switching my life long dream of being a Neuro-science professor, and going to art school. I would love to be a professor of art one day. The idea of teaching others + experimenting with your own studies as part of your job is delightful. I know I want to be a professor, but the question is- a professor of what? Art or Neurobiology?
What are your thoughts?
and how would I go about switching schools? I would like to attend The Kansas City Art Institute.
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HoovyTheKos Dec 13, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Calm yourself and try to ask your friends... Or parents. They maybe can help... Its your choose..
wow. how old are u?
There's a course called "Art Therapy" tackles both arts and a minor in neurobiology; but more on the psychology than the technicals of the brain....

you create art works that somehow helps people alleviate their mental or emotional problems. There are a few schools who offer that, but what I see in your passion for both sides, I think you're a shoe-in for that!
Ondie Dec 13, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I would suggest a major in the science and a minor in arts, that way you can have both...though with art, you can do that even without a major, as it is a passion for you yes? However, it sounds like you are interested in making plans to transfer, what stage of schooling are you at? If none or little at all of college, you can still complete a Gen Ed. for both and test the waters to see which you'd like to pursue more. I agree with :iconjuruh: on that whatever makes you happiest, is the best choice. As schooling and classes are perhaps, 30% of your life, but your career is the rest. ^_^ Good luck and I hope you find much delight in whatever you choose to do.
juruh Dec 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Well make your passion your profession. Pursue what will make you happy in the long run. Is it Science? or it is Art?
I am kinda in relation with that feeling years ago.
I am in a Science High school and devoted 4 years appreciating the complexity of the existence by making science investigatory projects but when I entered college I choose an art course. ironic right.. ?
You may say that you love both making it difficult to choose.
yes it is true. it is possible for us humans to love two things BUT.... Never in the SAME DEGREE.
Between Science and art I know someone shines in you the most.
Its a fun decision. Well, Have a great decision ahead. :-)
Cherry-17 Dec 12, 2012  Student General Artist
You could always try doing both... don't know how helpful that is >< But good luck in what ever you choose to do!
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