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January 2, 2013


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Hi everyone. I've been browsing deviant art for as long as I remember having internet access from the time of 28k toot toot toooooot modems. I've never had the courage to sing up for an account much less submit any art because I had no confidence. However I realized that without taking the first step, I will never have a change to learn anything. I've submitted some of the pictures that I have taken over the past few days and it's certainly sweet when I see people taking that few precious moments to view them. Furthermore, I'm at least a little more confident knowing that some people have taken a liking to my work. However, I need constructive critique so that I can improve. I would like to know what you like about the picture, what can be improved on, what other technique I could have experimented with. It can be on anything, the feel, the colors, the mood, the framing, the post processing and so on.

Thank you all in advance.

~ fatedquest

ps: Don't be mean ;)
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tvlookplay Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
[link] use this little program

if you look at other peoples work and comment, people end up doing the same to you.

the more you do it the better. i use it all the time
Blizzardwolf23 Jan 3, 2013  Student General Artist
You are a great photographer. I go to a digital class in school, but I think you know more about photography than I do. You are really good and keep practicing different way to see things if that even makes sense.
Haha, that's too kind of a thing to say really. I know next to nothing about photography. I just bought my camera a few days before new year. My previous camera was my dad really old film camera that he's own for 20 years or so and I never really had a chance to use since film is expensive. I watched my friend do some adjustments with photoshop for a while after taking some pictures with her on Christmas Eve and that's about as much I can do. Thankfully I'm studying in college and they have Photoshop for just 20 bucks!
changruth101 Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ok, i don't do much photography, but i do know the ropes to it. all i can say is that ur color balance is amazing. the angles of ur photos r awesome gud, they really emphasize the photo's mood. some of ur pics, like 'white patched tree' and 'couple in winter', look great, but the colors r dull. plz don't take offense, the picture is gud, but the colors just don't seem to shout out amazing.
well, that's all. :D
Rest assured, I won't be offended. Thank you for your comment. Please enjoy photos that I will upload int he future as well!
changruth101 Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
sure thing!
AbbiNyaa Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I wish I could accurately inform you of the areas in your abitlity that are lacking, but I'm terrible with a camera, and your deviations seem perfectly fine to me. c: Keep up the good work.
Yeah I made this account basically to let people see what I can do and hope to improve! I thank every favourite I get because they really are appreciated but what would be amazing is if everyone took like three seconds more to write about it :/
I must stress that I do love every single favourite I get and can't say thank you enough, but as you say, constructive criticism is really, really loved. And that's just my opinion! But yeah, it's just hard to improve when you've got nothing to go on!
I agree with you in that the favs, although they let you know people like what you make, dont really help you improve. I however feel that unless you place something in the description or on you profile that lets others know you like constructive criticism, many people will be hesitant to say something bad about a picture or how to improve your style. This is for a couple different reasons and personally I wont place much constructive criticism in the comments because I don't know how some people will react and although im the type of person who loves criticism i know others despise it and feel like people are just looking down on their picture instead of enjoying it.

I took a look at some of your pictures and I like the clarity of many of your pictures and you choose interesting subjects. You also did something creative with your piece "Bubly Girls at the Turn of the Year" which is something that, as an artist, you need to do every once and awhile so stay creative. I think your best piece is "Nobody's in Town" because everything just fits. The walkway leads you into the picture, the contrast is good, and the black and white look fits the image quite well. so those are just some things that in my opinion you are doing well I'm not saying thats it, I'm just listing a few to give you an idea of what i believe you should continue doing. As for things that you should play with and try... you can work on close ups and different angles. here are some pictures of mine that i feel may help explain what I mean..
:thumb345915889: :thumb332046987: :thumb331277091:
hope this helps a bit and you really do have nice pictures. I encourage you to help me with some of mine if you have the time because like you im trying to get better and am always open to criticism here is a link to my gallery if you wish to critique some of my work [link]

so good luck with your art and continue to get better.
P.S i like close ups and different angles a lot and its not something you need to do but if you learn to do it I have found that it can help with other pieces
Thanks for the commend. So I decided to hold of buying a tripod and got a premium subscription instead, that way I can put a big bold message beneath my picture that I am seeking feedback.

I like Nobody's in Town too. When I take pictures I first mentally decide what is in my peripheral vision and what am I focusing on. Then I try to frame the picture so that my audience will be able to 'traverse' through the scene as if they were really there.

I do like close-up, but I am sadly not very good at it. With close ups, one objects becomes the focal point of the picture and the background becomes the canvas it is drawn on. I am not good at selecting the details of the object to present to the viewers. I will experiment more with this and put some up soon for critique.
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